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Paramedic Band 6 profile

You will be pleased to know following Wednesdays Executive NHS Staff Council an agreement has now been reached to release the Band 6 Ambulance Paramedic Profile.

The crucial next steps for the GMB leads within EMAS will be to commence engagement with HR Directors about beginning the local process of matching, implementation and monitoring.

Discussion as to how this will happen will take place at the next meeting of the National Ambulance Committee (NAC).

Please do not jump the gun and think that we are now all automatically band 6 Paramedics. The above information relates to the publishing of a band 6 paramedic profile. EMAS managers and staff side will now have to assess the EMAS paramedic role to see if it matches the published profile

Yesterday the leads were contacted by HR who have informed us that they are now waiting for National Employers guidance on how best to start the matching process.

The profile, along with guidance on how to begin the review process, will also be published on the NHS Employers website. When we have this information we will update all members accordingly.

Please be patient with us as this is not a one day process, we will provide updates as and when we are able.

Posted: 16th September 2016

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