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Key Flu Messages

This year GMB are joining up with the flu fighter team at EMAS and  we are encouraging all EMAS frontline and office staff to get vaccinated, which is the best protection against flu. This will not only have a positive impact on the staff wellbeing, it will also help with winter pressures.

Get your flu jab at one of the EMAS flu clinics and help protect yourself, family, colleagues, patients and service users. Simply drop in at one of the Flu clinics being held across the divisions. To find out where these are being held simply contact your team leader for a list of dates and venues.

Imagine there was an illness that caused 8,000 deaths in England. This illness spreads from sick people to healthy people, it is even spread by people who are showing no symptoms. Think about how many times doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers come into contact with vulnerable patients, this illness has devastating effects on this group of people. Now imagine that the most effective measure against this illness was a vaccine that you only needed to have once a year and took only five minutes out of your busy working day.

This imaginary illness is in fact a reality, and it is called the flu – a virus that can be contained with a simple flu vaccination. Get in touch with your local occupational health team now and make an appointment.

Posted: 3rd October 2016

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